Relationship with parents-in-law

Question: Please elaborate on my relationship with parents-in-law. Answer: Why are you afraid of the answer, or should I say more precisely, WHO is afraid of the answer? Of course, it is a lesson, not only for you or your wife but for everyone involved. It is a lesson of Love. It does not mean […]

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Buying a new smartphone

Question: Recently an urge appeared within me – a strong desire to buy a new smartphone. I have had one that is decent, it works really well. Something within me, a part connected with art, beauty, does want a new one. I have concerns regarding the environmental impact of such a purchase, and smartphones are said […]

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Should I buy a new phone?

Question:  Should I buy a new phone, and if so, which one? Answer: You are looking for fulfilment, for happiness in the world of form. Stop doing that. You are looking for a TOOL, nothing more. You don’t need ego boosters. You wouldn’t be happy with spending lots of bills on something, that quite frankly, […]

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Contradiction to human beliefs

Question: Your teachings are totally contradictory to the beliefs I was taught. Especially the one that you should not strive for anything in this world. Answer: Dear Brother, of course! I AM the Resurrection. Does resurrecting of „the dead” abide by human logic? What I teach, I am. What I teach is directly opposed to […]

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Serving two masters

Background: I just came to my desk after having a very difficult conversation with my senior manager. I was seriously considering leaving this job. There was intense pain and suffering. When I came to my room, no one was there. I sat down, and I felt compelled to start writing. The following conversation appeared: Jeshua: […]

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