Urge to buy

Question: Dear Friend, I have an urge to buy certain electronic gadget – wireless headphones. It does seem like a good buy, and I have a feeling I would use it often. However, the overthinking mind does come into play, saying that it is very expensive, and I do already have headphones – ones that […]

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Unwanted spiritual advice

Question: I have many friends who have taken up a role of spiritual teachers. Many of them try to give me advice, or influence or steer my work. I tremendously despise such behaviour. Could you please give me some advice on this? Answer: My dear, beloved Friend. Of course! This is what I am for. This […]

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Special poem

My Dear Brother, This is a special message, just for you.  Message given not from someone above or outside of yourself.   I am you, you are me. Who are we? Are we created, or are we the Creator? Are we done, or are we making up things? Are we perfect already, or are we […]

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The Way to God

Question: Someone recommended me listening to Lesson 11 of the Way of The Heart. I started listening to it, and while I do feel the Peace, I do feel that the words origin from you, the colour of the words is not of my taste. For me, it lacks plain bluntness that you represent when […]

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Saving others

Question: I have two souls which I consider close to me. Meeting both of them seemed to be an important step on my journey. Now, however, I do seem to continuously see their errors, and that what they do is not really spirituality, but concepts about spirituality. I have a feeling that I do need […]

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Miracle mindedness

Question: What is miracle mindedness? Answer: You. Let me rephrase if that brings confusion to readers of this paragraph. Who are you? Could you all ask this question right now? If any conceptual thoughts arise as a response to this question, then please know, that that is not the correct answer. That is a lie […]

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Physical healings

Question: I discovered, that despite all miraculous mind-healings you have offered me and my Brothers, there is still a trace of doubt in me. Apart from that, you have yet not shown me any miraculous body healings yet, and it continues to drive my doubt. People were supposed to be physically healed in your presence […]

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Insane journeys

Question: Dear Jeshua, I see traces of pain in me when it comes to my relationship with my mother-in-law. There is a part of me that hates her. I am uncertain if I should sever my earthly bonds with her, at least temporarily, or if I should “try to forgive” her. I would like to […]

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Are you real?

Question: Are you real? Answer: Of course I am real! Does my existence in your holy mind be of any surprise to you? Is this not the fulfilment of your dreams? Is this not something you really prayed for, a true master, true teaching, available to anyone? God is really smart guy/gal, it knows its […]

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Being vegan/vegetarian

Question: Could you give some hints about being vegan or vegetarian? Is it useful, helpful? Answer: My friend, please ask yourself – is it useful to You? Does it make you love your friends more, does it make you feel your planet more? Do you feel more connected with the earth? Does your soul sing? […]

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