Individual meetings


I am always open to meeting with people who need spiritual counsel.

If you feel such a need, we could meet one-to-one so as to support you on your spiritual path.

I treat each client as a unique individual. During the meeting, depending on your needs, I use the following tools:

  • Channelling – personal messages from Jeshua, Saint Germain, Mary Magdalene or Mother Mary. The channelling can be recorded and sent via email later on.
  • Spiritual coaching, this is a conversation on any subject you would like to broach. I do my best to get to the core of what your life is trying to teach you.
  • Spiritual healing/ healing traumas and blockages

Some of your questions will be answered by me, from my experience, some will be answered by the Ascended Masters whom I channel.

No preparation on your part prior to the meeting is required. All that is needed is your openness, and sincere need to experience the healing truth. It is recommended to still your mind just before the meeting, if possible. The meeting usually lasts between an hour or two.

The meetings, especially the ones during I channel, are energetically very intense and private. If you feel you would benefit more from a series of meetings, we could schedule them. There is a possibility, which most of my clients choose, to record the channelled messages. In that case, I usually send the recordings via mail after the meeting.

I prefer remote meetings via Skype or WhatsApp, however it is also feasible to meet in person if you feel such a need.

The cost of the meeting is a PayPal donation – please look into your heart and find the amount that you feel is right for you.

Please make sure you entered your email address correctly, otherwise, I will not be able to answer you.