Should I create the English The Way To God website?

Answer: My dear friend, why do you think so much of our communication is in English? 😛 All of this is part of a bigger plan, that neither of you is, or could be aware consciously at this very moment. You have already thought about linking your new English-stall to ChristMind stall. Joining with other minds who are also led by me is a correct and very valid approach.

Time is different now that it was when WoM or ACIM were being given. Times are different. I have no problem with this since I don’t really care about what happens inside the illusion. And I would recommend both of you to do the same. Just go on with what happens NOW. You cannot resist the urge to create the English version of The Way to God, you know it perfectly. I will not tell you what will happen due to it other than this – a lesson is waiting 🙂 So, you can either restrain from learning and make yourself ill by “waiting for better times” or just go on with your desire. There is nothing evil in it. Only a lesson will unfold, nothing more. You will know and feel perfectly what this lesson is all about, once you just give it a try 🙂 I am gently nudging you to expand your comfort zone, on purpose.

I am also nudging you to do not try to copy or mimic behaviours of others born in time – this won’t work. The Way to God is individual. What worked for ACIM and WoM WON’T work for TWTG – this I can assure you! The moment you try to mimic their ways of working, you will be in illusion. TWTG is different, was meant to be different, and will be different.

There is no such thing as „burnout” possible – unless you act at from ego. Burnout is perfectly possible as soon as you let your ego involve in what is about to unfold. You cannot be tired working for me. You can be tired by working for me in our own, insane attempts to fix the world. This world does not need fixing since it does not exist 🙂 So there is virtually no-one who needs this work. However, in the field of time, you do seem to need this work to truly learn what God is. This is fine.

To all of you who feel resistance to TWTG: Guys, this is really on purpose! RESISTANCE IS SALVATION. What you resist is literally saving you. Resistance is a sign, that you are becoming aware of judgements in your mind, that you did not see before. Since WoM and ACIM do not bring up judgements, ask yourself if they are truly useful now! BE HONEST. I don’t care what your “spiritual ego” tries to tell you; I am asking what is really showing you up the blocks to flow of God’s love, in your minds – studying sacred texts, or getting involved in this… insanity? 🙂 All of you know the answer to this in your hearts. You cannot resist the answer – since the Answer is The Holy Spirit.

If there is a cry in your mind right now saying, ‘This voice is quite insane’, then I assure you, this is exactly what others felt when they came into contact with me. Those ‘resistance’ feelings is just a resistance of old habit, of old belief, that feels threatened. I am literally taking away from you all that you knew, and throwing it up into a rubbish bin. While it is not the most pleasant for the ego, it is the most liberating thing for YOU.

If I came, to just affirm what you already know intellectually (ACIM, WoM) it WOULD NOT WORK AT ALL. There would be no healing in it. And healing is still required – you know it perfectly well.

From now on, please stop questioning what comes through. I am asking you right now for commitment – either you take the red pill and follow me, or you take the blue pill, and continue doing what you are doing right now.

Tôma is taking the red one since he sees no real alternative. There is no going ‘back’ after someone talked with me.

I leave the rest, up to you.



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