Jeshua: My Dear Friend,

I am perfectly aware, that your trust to me is not yet firmly set. I am aware that I do need to prove myself to you, and my worth, periodically. I would like you to be guided, as you are. I would like you, to be as you currently are. Otherwise, all this work is pointless. If you are indeed not as you are, then what is the point of it all?There is none. You either are – a Child of God, or you are not. Either all this wisdom that you seek is already embedded into you on such a deep and profound level, that is beyond words’ capacity of explaining.

It is impossible to talk about God and Godhood, however, it is quite possible to be it / feel it being you. Don’t you have that feeling quite often? That God is you and that you are God?

Tôma: It very often occupies my mind.

Jeshua: That thought does make certain qualities, certain thought patterns more severe in you. i.e. thought of having to DO SOMETHING continuously – a thought just planted into you by your parents and their “we are in lack” upbringing.

My Dear Friend,

I am aware, that you do feel in lack very often – that you feel lack of Love. I am aware, that visions that you have regarding the amount of Love that wants to be expressed through you is just breath-taking and leaves you wondering “How all of this can be achieved?”. You already know the answer. Small steps. Today. This evening. One meditation. One problem at a time. One judgement at a time. One person at a time. This way, and only this way, will Atonement be completed in you. As it already was, before time is.

With you,


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