Question: Dear Jeshua, I feel as if I was enlightened – there came clarity, clearness of vision and an ability to hear the Holy Spirit more and more clearly. I do still, however, experience what I would call “mental concerns”, mostly related to other people who, from my perspective, are “walking the long route” and still being trapped in the ego. Could you shed some light on this subject?


My Dear Friend,

This will be the definite answer, the dot above the I 😉

You are not enlightened yet, in a sense that it has not yet fully blossomed. I am not denying that it did not happen but saying that speaking about it publicly would be premature. I would also not recommend following advice of any other people, other than the Holy Spirit, in this matter. It’s a waste of time, and you know it. Continue in what you have been taught, and all will be well. Have a bit of patience for God’s sake 😉 Trust, allowance and continuous will-focus will get you there. Just trust – don’t wait – trust.

When it comes to the ability of your friends’ to listen to the Holy Spirit – because that is really your question – doesn’t the question put out this way answer itself? You cannot influence it. You can give advice WHEN ASKED. There are many asking for advice, which you ignore, because you try to “save” those who don’t need it. Understood? Just work every day with what is being given to you!

The power that you are about to yield is truly spectacular, i.e. an ability to give ‘other’ people correct advice on the spiritual path is truly spectacular. The usage of this ability, does require ‘two’; ‘one’ wanting to be changed, and the ‘other’ open to be the Voice of the Holy Spirit. I ask you then to very, very deeply look into places where you have substituted your role of lover (the person who is supposed to be giving away the Love of God), with a role of teacher.

There is one more thing. You are being afraid that you need to “drop” me somehow to avoid falling into a pit of other channeler, who is supposed to have strong contact with me.

My Dear Friend,

Just because I came to someone, does it mean I came to enlighten that person? It is really not the same.

I did not come to you because you wanted to be enlightened ;-), at least that was not the only reason. That was one of the factors, the others being the timeframe, your location in the world, your background and your human mind. There are not many minds with the unique characteristics which you possess; I could almost say that you are unique 😉 This uniqueness is useful to my plan, and my is the world you will resist from now on due to the other, Saint Germain, who has come into your path. The plan is still MINE, because you are talking with Christ. You are not talking with Jeshua, you are talking with Christ. Jeshua is a mask on Christ, which you actually grew bored of. Some didn’t, please see that.

I can only work with that is being given to me. I cannot force myself into anyone, nor can I hasten the transformation beyond the capacity of each student. And all that capacity is, is just pure desire to see God’s Will done, that is all.

And God’s will is that you be genuinely happy, through and through.

God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.


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