Question: I do feel lonely most of my life. Even though I am surrounded by love to a large extent, I am afraid of “going out” to people.


My Dear Friend,

The fear that unnaturally arose in you due to pathetic upbringing methods used to “bring you up” was created with intent. Whose intent? Yours or God’s? Does God want for you liberation or peace? Did HE create pain and misery, or was it JUST YOUR CHOICE? 🙂

It was JUST your choice, nothing more. You chose such parents for you, such a path, such experience. You created a decision to go back – a decision to follow The Way to God.

With this decision came a natural unfoldment of unnatural habits that arose within you. i.e. all errors have to be corrected where they were originally created – in your Holy Mind. Your Holy Mind just answers the calls of your Will. If you will something to be – as you are willing The Way to God to be right now – it is. Will yourself free from this slavery friend. There is really nothing more than that.

If you were younger – spiritually speaking – I would have spent some time trying to convince you, how it was not an accident, how you are loved and all that surplus in-time explanations, which you no longer need or require. All that you need to know, is that you have willed this “flaw” to be, and you now have the power of choice, to will otherwise.

Please be free my friend, as you were created.



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