Dissolving the root of the ego


Dear Jeshua,

I seem to have discovered the root of my ego, which is the rejection of other people and rejection of myself. This pattern was created during my “not so happy” childhood, and I see it very clearly. Despite all the help I got from you and from the world, I do not seem to be able to dissolve it. I turn to my Higher Self, but so far nothing has happened. This pattern does seem like “a big deal”, affecting me at every step. Could you shed some light upon this?


My Dear, Dear, Beloved Friend.

This is but a simple thought pattern.

You harbour one thought, let’s say it’s thought A. Thought A has an effect upon your experience in the field of time. In this case, thought A keeps telling you that you are a slave to sin and death, and that you should suffer, and that you deserve to die. Thought A is in total opposition to thought B, that I come and offer – which says, that you are a Holy Child of God; sinless, free and holy FOREVER. As you experience it right now, A and B stand in stalemate in you right now, and you dynamically switch between the two. Please focus firmly on thought B. Thought A wants to return to its power over you, however, you did become fed up with it. In this case then :

You are simply free.

IT is that simple. Nothing more is required. Freedom was given, freedom is yours.

Will you fight and continue discussing with freedom that is already yours?

I don’t think so 🙂 At least, not for long!

With infinite love,


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