Talking with family


Dear Jeshua,

I am in bizarre situation right now. I did not share with members of my closest family, i.e. mother and father, the details of my current “work” for you. I have a thought, that I should. I feel blocked when I am with them. Could you advise?


My Dear Friend,

I would indeed want you, to talk with your family, especially regarding your contact and communication with me. You do have great insights when it comes to that communication, that need to be shared with the world. However, your thinking mind does want to equate your “family” with your so-called blood family. This is not always correct. Members of your spiritual family are with you and will come to you. Those that avoid you, are not members of your closest family, and thus should not be given pearls of great prize, that they will not value. Please share abundantly with those that do indeed come to you. All people that want to see you, for WHATEVER reason, do indeed come for light, not for your earthly measures. So share with them, to an extent that you feel is right, especially if they start to focus on the heaviness they create – in those situations especially please do stand up – you have been hiding for far too long 🙂

With infinite Love,


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