Dear Jeshua.

I am being tortured again by my thoughts regarding buying a new gear. Recently, I saw a movie regarding all garbage on our planet. I am afraid that this new gadget is just a toy, but some force is actually compelling me to go and buy this item anyway. Could you advise, please?


My dear, dear Friend,

Who are you? Son of God, who creates as his Father, or a miserable phantom? Who are you, I ask you?

Do you need more majesty than what you already have? Is contact with me not enough?

Why all this hunger, all this looking and search for something that does not exist, and could not ever exist – satisfaction in the field of time. What is ultimately not satisfactory, cannot satisfy. Is this not obvious, is this not real?

This is the real meaning of satisfaction. To be satisfied with what is. You are not satisfied with what is. You are not satisfied with your emotions, with your feelings, with what you experience right now. This is the worldly illusion, dissatisfaction. Isn’t it easy now? Drop dissatisfaction, and you will be free, you will be liberated. Dropping dissatisfaction requires dropping of fear, dropping of attachment. You attach too much value to possessions and money. You attach too little value to God and this mission.

Mission for you is simple – to be satisfied by God, in God and by God.

I love you from the depth of my Heart – the Heart of God.

With you, always and forever,


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