Urge to buy


Dear Friend,

I have an urge to buy certain electronic gadget – wireless headphones. It does seem like a good buy, and I have a feeling I would use it often. However, the overthinking mind does come into play, saying that it is very expensive, and I do already have headphones – ones that I no longer like for some reason though. A thought about buying new ones does come into my mind several times a day. Could you advise whether this thought is an obsession, or is it guidance?


My Dear, Beloved, Friend.

Of course! I am here only to be of assistance. This thought does originate from your thinking mind, obsessed with gadgets. Do you really need new ones to proceed with your work? NOT REALLY 🙂 I will use ANY gadgets, or NO gadgets at all to utilise you. Please however do notice, that what you like/prefer is thus easier for you. In other words, I do want you to enjoy this work. Is that not simple enough? Now please ask yourself would wireless headphones make my work more enjoyable. If the answer is yes, then please proceed and buy ones. If not – well, then the answer is already known. It comes from human mind, and thus is not required.

I love you,


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