Unwanted spiritual advice

Question: I have many friends who have taken up a role of spiritual teachers. Many of them try to give me advice, or influence or steer my work. I tremendously despise such behaviour. Could you please give me some advice on this?


My dear, beloved Friend.

Of course! This is what I am for. This is what this communication is for. I am glad you asked!

Do you see? Do you understand? It is not that heavy as your mind makes it to be. It is a simple mistake, with no effect on Eternal Reality. Please accept the soothing of your mind, which is too heavy with weariness. Accept the simple fact, that is already known and obvious to you:

What I see in another, I judge in myself.

It is AS easy as that. So, want this behaviour to stop? Stop doing it yourself. How can you stop sin in yourself in first place? Very easily! Stop judging it as BAD! It is not bad, it is NEUTRAL. Everything in form is neutral. How do you use this opportunity, how do you use this chance? Will you cry, will you stomp, will you shout? Or maybe you will simply walk in acceptance of the world of form, at its current state. This includes the appearance and feeling of sin in you. Just accept its issness, and it will disappear. Without resistance, all evil vanishes.

Resist not evil.

With infinite Love,


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