Special poem

My Dear Brother,

This is a special message, just for you. 

Message given not from someone above or outside of yourself.


I am you, you are me. Who are we? Are we created, or are we the Creator?

Are we done, or are we making up things?

Are we perfect already, or are we looking for perfection?

Are we done, or are we not?

When will this end?

Who indeed will end “this”?

What is this “this” anyway?

Who are you?

Who are we?

Who is God?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are YOU?

Outside? Or inside?

In or out?

Within or without?

Again, what are We? Who is who? Who is within, who is without? 

Questions 🙂 Questions. Do they need answers?

Not really!

Are YOU not an answer?

Given before time is. Remaining after time is fulfilled.




The Kingdom already IS within YOU. Seek it there, where it is.

The Kingdom. Soul.

Different? Yet the same.

Answer and question.

Does question need to arise first, or was answer before it?

Jeshua ben Joseph. Tôma. Isabella. A family? Or Oneness?

Oneness. Oneness. Oneness.








We are, as we are. We will forever be.


With infinite Love,


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