The Way to God

Question: Someone recommended me listening to Lesson 11 of the Way of The Heart. I started listening to it, and while I do feel the Peace, I do feel that the words origin from you, the colour of the words is not of my taste. For me, it lacks plain bluntness that you represent when you come to me. Could you elaborate on that?

Answer: My dear Friend,

Of course, I can. I am glad that you asked because the answer to this question can serve many. 

What is your Way to God? Does it exist, and indeed, is it yours?

Can you walk anyone’s else’s Way to God? Please tell me, your deepest insights, did they come to you by recommendation, or did you just feel it? 

Your students will rarely, if ever, give you correct insights when it comes to places of Truth. There is one source of Truth, you have discovered it already – the Mind of God. It is within you, lies beyond words, and is not confined by any teaching or words in form. You do believe this thought completely. And since you do believe in it, how can you expect, that words will actually lift you there? 

You don’t want words, you want breakthrough of Light. And this is what The Way to God is, a breakthrough. Is it a teaching? Hardly, it just asks you to drop what you no longer believe in, and that is the human mind and human way of living. It asks you simply to question ALL thoughts that you harbour, and choose which to keep, and which to drop. It’s a global cleanup, a reset if you will. 

Do you see, that the human mind wants ACKNOWLEDGEMENT? It says – look, I found what I believe is truth over here, something that is very good and worth looking at. All you can say then is that God is all that is worth to look at, and it is inside every being beyond the veil. 

Learn then to look beyond the veil. Your gaze should be fixed firmly on the Mind of God beyond the veil of grand illusion called this world. Do not waver, do not turn back. Focus all of your attention on Me, on piercing the veil via the Vision of Christ. Make this your only wish – that the veil be dropped:

And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Mt 25:6



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