Saving others

Question: I have two souls which I consider close to me. Meeting both of them seemed to be an important step on my journey. Now, however, I do seem to continuously see their errors, and that what they do is not really spirituality, but concepts about spirituality. I have a feeling that I do need to drop these relationships for the sake of my own conversion as if they were blocking me energetically. Could you shed some light on this subject?

Answer: My dear Friend,

Of course. What you feel is correct – according to your PERCEPTIONS, they follow “wrong” path, aka one that you would not have chosen. And according to you, they will fall into a pit, and as such, you don’t walk their route. Isn’t that logical? Where you see obvious problem/error, you don’t go. The thing is, they don’t see errors in what they are doing. They think it is ok, moreover, they think it’s great! That is their concrete. Just because you are open to dropping such thoughts right now, does not mean they are! Let their concrete be. You cannot break concrete, only soul itself can break it, since it’s it who made it in the first place, from the only material that there is – God’s Love. Breaking concrete takes time. Healing does not. You are not sent to break concrete, doubt and problems are here to do that. Just let them be, and all will take care of its own.

If they come to you, I ask you to open-heartedly welcome them, give them shelter, accommodation, and counsel as well. But do not be attached to them, because if you will, you miss the point yourself. You cannot save them, but I will. You can indeed TRUST that I WILL save all people that live on this Earth. If you don’t, you will be stuck here. If you do – you are free. The only thoughts that seem to bind you in any way (there aren’t any left, just remnants, or memories of thoughts) are related to saving other people. This can’t be done. It isn’t your task. Leave it, let it be. Enjoy your life. Do not ever try to save any soul, it’s a failure. Just know well, that you are indeed saved, and let God handle the rest.



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