Physical healings

Question: I discovered, that despite all miraculous mind-healings you have offered me and my Brothers, there is still a trace of doubt in me. Apart from that, you have yet not shown me any miraculous body healings yet, and it continues to drive my doubt. People were supposed to be physically healed in your presence as well. Could you explain that and help me understand where is my problem?

Answer: Your problem?

This is a problem of human mind. Human mind is a contradiction to God and God’s Laws. How come it could see any miracles at all? Don’t you understand, that any act of Grace, any act of Love is a miracle? The human mind categories things in time into miracles, most of which are just form of magic, and non-miracles.You are asking me to use magic so that I can prove to you this distinction, and I really won’t do that. 

Yes, there will be miraculous, Love-originating healing of bodies FOR THOSE WHO NEED it. Those who don’t need it, won’t get it. Please look at your family, and see if any ‘diseases’ you had in last year or so were not healed the moment mind understood the lesson it was made to learn. 

Question: All of them just vanished naturally. And ‘serious’ diseases just don’t happen to us.

Answer: Do you see my point? Miracle is just before your eyes, and you just keep asking for MORE PROOF. I partially agree to send you proof when needed, but you just keep reverting your thought stream to your default doubt. You need to stop that at some point if you are ever to be free from suffering. You need to finally believe that God actually exists. 



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