Miracle mindedness

Question: What is miracle mindedness?



Let me rephrase if that brings confusion to readers of this paragraph. Who are you? Could you all ask this question right now?

If any conceptual thoughts arise as a response to this question, then please know, that that is not the correct answer. That is a lie – whatever arises in the field of time is ultimately a lie.

Who am I? 

This question, when asked correctly brings about a qualitative energy – a feeling, feeling of mystery. Please do not be afraid to explore this mystery ON your own. Do not let anyone, tell you LIES (i.e. his point of view on this mystery), and accept them as an answer to

YOUR mystery!

Everything you read, hear, taste, smell is a lie. If any such thing as “truth” could be encapsulated into a book, a teaching, it WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE ALREADY. And this world would be over a long time ago. It is not possible though since that Truth is you – please re-read the question and the answer one more time – it should be clear by now what am I pointing to.

This leaves us in a place, where all human thought stops – a gap if you will – that can be involuntarily (meaning not due to your conscious wish) crossed over by God. That crossing over is the coming of Christ. Virtually second coming, since he came to you first, when you were created.

With infinite Love,

Jeshua and Joel

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