Insane journeys

Question: Dear Jeshua,

I see traces of pain in me when it comes to my relationship with my mother-in-law. There is a part of me that hates her. I am uncertain if I should sever my earthly bonds with her, at least temporarily, or if I should “try to forgive” her. I would like to love her, I would love to see her changed, however, I just cannot stand her 🙂 I see her hurting her family. Please shed some light on this subject, that I can be relieved.


My Dear Friend,

Again, I am very glad that you asked this question 🙂

Doesn’t it shock you, when you see the amount of love that God offers you, by being unpredictable? In other words, the human mind cannot know what is the content of the lesson currently being absorbed; it could never know, as it (the human mind – Tôma) is a direct attack on the Will of God. So, the human mind has to hide the meaning, the value, the liberation that comes from absorbing the lesson, by veiling it all in illusions and judgements. You are your mother-in-law from not sooooo long ago 🙂

You did all that she did, you did all that she is doing. How could it be otherwise? You were insane by earthly measures more than once. Was it by my intent? No, never. I would never hurt you. But you were pounding on Me so hard, that I let loose a word here and word there. Those words dislodged your human mind so severely, that insanity was certain. But it was you, who chose that path. 

Now, the content of the lesson being presented here is the following – full forgiveness of your own insane journeys. If you do not forgive insanity, then sanity would never be. Sanity is the forgiven state, in which EVERYTHING is forgiven. Why it is forgiven? Because it never was. As this situation never WAS, it just appears to BE. Appears being the key word. If your mother-in-law indeed was the vile monster you see her to be, then indeed that would be a real problem. The thing is, that she is not. This image you see is just made up of your own past problems veiled and woven together into a grotesque image. Can this image be disjoined, can it be dispelled? As totality yes, but not in its parts. Parts of those images come from time, where the Son as One chose grotesque paths of self-torment and self-humiliation. And that One creates images, creates reflections, of what AROSE within itself, as proof and a cornerstone for its torment, and then liberation. Can torment and liberation be true, or in themselves, are they the side effect of the creation of untruth? You know already. Even in themselves, the healings, and the problems that precede them – they are all LIES. THE PROBLEM IS NOT REAL. Standing in the TOTAL UNREALITY of the problem is Salvation, this is the Holy Ground on which thou stand. You have now come to the Alpha and Omega point, where time collapses in itself. The Now is still perceived, but the problem – Alpha, the beginning, and it’s ending – the Omega, the Healing, are now joined in totality of their unexistence. This is the Truth that has set you FREE.


This is the Christ Mind.

This is You, the Real You.

You were never anything else, but this.

You are my Brother and a saviour of this realm.

Realm of illusions, seen only by yourself. 

Only you can drop illusions that seem to bind you.


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