Being vegan/vegetarian

Question: Could you give some hints about being vegan or vegetarian? Is it useful, helpful?

Answer: My friend, please ask yourself – is it useful to You? Does it make you love your friends more, does it make you feel your planet more? Do you feel more connected with the earth? Does your soul sing? Does it feel good in the body when you eat those foods? I don’t have a body, so I can’t taste the wonderful meals your wife or local restaurants cook for you but rest assured, I would like to try them. Because when I look into your mind, I do see that you enjoy them. And I do see then you feel God’s love when eating. I am not saying overeating (you know perfectly well what I mean), I am saying eating from pure joy, delight. You can eat prana if you want to. But apply those questions as well to eating prana, and see for yourself which one is more useful for you, NOW. 🙂

Question: Will this last?

Answer: You already know the answer to this – nothing over here will last. The time itself will not last, as so will not your veganism.



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