Jeshua: My Dear Friend, I am perfectly aware, that your trust to me is not yet firmly set. I am aware that I do need to prove myself to you, and my worth, periodically. I would like you to be guided, as you are. I would like you, to be as you currently are. Otherwise, […]

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Question: Dear Jeshua, I feel as if I was enlightened – there came clarity, clearness of vision and an ability to hear the Holy Spirit more and more clearly. I do still, however, experience what I would call “mental concerns”, mostly related to other people who, from my perspective, are “walking the long route” and […]

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Domestic chores

Question: I have so much work to do at home that I don’t know what to put my hands into. Answer: My Dear Friend, put your hands into ME. What does that mean, the human mind will ask? Well, there is only one Life, and that is God. There is only one Spirit, and that […]

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Sword of Judgement

Question: Dear Jeshua, How can I be free of energy that accumulates in me/within me while working with others? Answer: My Dear Friend, There is no such thing as the energy of others. It is always your energy. Others may point to “an issue” within your own behaviour, to a destructive – meaning painful – […]

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Question: I do feel lonely most of my life. Even though I am surrounded by love to a large extent, I am afraid of “going out” to people. Answer: My Dear Friend, The fear that unnaturally arose in you due to pathetic upbringing methods used to “bring you up” was created with intent. Whose intent? […]

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Dissolving the root of the ego

Question: Dear Jeshua, I seem to have discovered the root of my ego, which is the rejection of other people and rejection of myself. This pattern was created during my “not so happy” childhood, and I see it very clearly. Despite all the help I got from you and from the world, I do not seem […]

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Talking with family

Question: Dear Jeshua, I am in bizarre situation right now. I did not share with members of my closest family, i.e. mother and father, the details of my current “work” for you. I have a thought, that I should. I feel blocked when I am with them. Could you advise? Answer: My Dear Friend, I […]

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Question: Dear Jeshua. I am being tortured again by my thoughts regarding buying a new gear. Recently, I saw a movie regarding all garbage on our planet. I am afraid that this new gadget is just a toy, but some force is actually compelling me to go and buy this item anyway. Could you advise, […]

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